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Course + Coaching: Nov 1 - Dec 3, 2021

Coaching: Jan - Feb 2022

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Maybe someday....

Is fear holding you back from making that leap that you KNOW will be the right decision?

Oh, friend! I get that. For ten years, I felt conflicted, uncertain, and if I'm being honest - ticked off & resentful.

I desperately wanted to leave the teaching profession in 2011, but was scared to death. I had insurance benefits and a steady paycheck. I was a responsible human being. I was a Navy veteran. I made all the right decisions.

Why the heck did I think walking away from this was acceptable? Why would I leave?

I didn't leave. I stayed - deeply sad - for ten more years.

My future was out there.... but a responsible person would appreciate and be content with what she had..... right?

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But here's the thing....


I wanted flexibility.

I wanted to be happy showing up every day.

I wanted to feel fulfilled.

I wanted to make my own schedule.

I wanted to determine my own income.

I wanted to use my skills and interests in new ways.

I wanted time to learn new things that could benefit others.

I wanted to serve differently.

I wanted to make a greater impact in the world and knew there was so much more for me to do!


Does any of that sound familiar?


Fast-forward ten years.

Oh my goodness! I'm SO excited to be offering this course... finally!

I've been creating it in my head for two years!


With ten years to figure things out while coaching women & men making HUGE career changes, I've had time + resources to figure out why I was where I was.

It was to bring me to today ~ ready to nurture you as you navigate your journey. I will teach you how to create your own life path with confidence from clarity.

Lesson learned: I wasn't really stuck, just growing slower than I wanted. :)

In my own journey, I've identified "points on the map" that help us get to our Best Life...

Turns out, it's a lot of soul searching, but soooo worth it! 

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notepad, coffee, and pencil on a teal table top

That's why I created this course.

Because.. I had no idea where or how to get started. I felt defeated. Stuck. Sad. I gave up and stayed where I was.

Until giving up felt worse.


Eventually, I began to figure out All The Things and continue to learn new things every day. But a support system, guidance, and a friend who understood would have helped!

Nope. Nada. On my own.

Now, I'm helping other women overcome their "stuck" to provide clarity and confidence through the process.

I'm often asked these questions:

How did you move from what you're doing to what you want to do?!?

How did you figure out what the heck you want to do?!

How do you get past feeling like an imposter?

As I answered these questions often during individual conversations with women feeling like I felt, I realized I could share my own process with guided steps, clear directions, resources, and support... a road map with rest stops and "roadside assistance" ... a community.



Truth is, the process isn't complicated, but getting past 'stuck' to take action is terrifying.

Would you agree? It was for me!

Since late 2020, I've shared parts of my process to help other women figure out their Why, What, How and When.

For some, the When came quickly.

For others, it's coming soon.

And for still others, they've realized it's a few years away as they continue doing what they're doing while laying the foundation for their Next Chapter.

But each has confidence gained from clarity.


Through strategies, resources, and a collaborative community of women striving for change while facing fear and daily challenges, we will map out your 'strategic leap' and help you get past Maybe.... on a timeline that works for you. 

Truth? Everyone's timeline is different.


Your journey may take 10 years or 10 days, but learning the points on your own map will make the difference between getting started ... OR not.


Enrollment opens Sept 15th.

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Clarity builds confidence. Are you ready?


Mapping Past Maybe Hybrid Course

Inaugural Course _ Fall 2021

Mapping Past Maybe is a coaching course designed for women Ready For Change. It requires your head and heart in the game.

In return, you will gain clarity that can lead to confidence as you look toward your future.

You may make HUGE life decisions as a result of this course or you may discover inklings of things that have been dormant, tucked safely away in your head and heart.

Either way, you are about to embark upon a powerful journey.... and I applaud you for taking the first (or next) step.


This course is taught in a "hybrid" format to meet your learning needs, style, and schedule:

Weekly live group coaching sessions via Zoom (in the evening to accommodate working schedules)

One or two weekends could be an option if that's a good fit for most

Access to your instructor via course e-mail, comments, and text messages - to ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback

Recorded sessions you can watch as often as you'd like at a time that works for you

Two months' coaching Jan & Feb 2022, to support you beyond the course, with founding member pricing for further coaching if you wish (but not required).

You will also have access to:

  • downloadable resources including reflection sheets, planning sheets, idea notes, guides...
  • swipe files with resource links
  • course members (each other... we will be a very small group) You are a VERY special cohort
  • recommendations: reading suggestions, technology suggestions, expert suggestions - including current people on socials, to help you build a network of women who have walked in your shoes
  • so much more! Not even sure what all of it is yet... I'm building this plane as we fly together (and I am SO excited!)
  • future sessions - you may revisit the course as it opens each year - at no additional charge, with access to updated materials and resources

I'm also excited to create a course 'swag bag' with goodies to support your learning journey. (I love buying and gifting fun stuff!)

Special Note:

Though I've been building this course in my head for 18+ months, this is its Very First Launch.

I am extraordinarily grateful that you are considering enrolling, as I am passionate about nurturing and supporting women as they find the clarity and confidence they need and deserve.

My own journey was one of roadblocks, speed bumps, left turns, u-turns, and eventually arriving at my destination. I am thrilled to be your guide as you take this journey and will do all that I can to support your process. I will share everything I've learned along the way and will walk beside you as you feel overwhelmed, confused, and eventually excited about your future.

To that end, women enrolling in this inaugural session are enjoying a Founding Member price as we will build, revise, and grow throughout this course together.

You will be guiding me through course implementation as I guide you through life mapping. I'm so excited about this!

Questions before you invest in your future and in yourself? Please feel free to reach out to me via email, text, DM, pigeon... :)

I am happy to answer what I can.

I know that investing in ourselves, as women, can feel sketchy. Please know I went through the same thinking process before I fully learned and understood the value of proper support, guidance, resources, and coaching. It makes a world of difference! Even knowing that, I still weigh all of my pros and cons before investing in any learning. (And I invested a FORTUNE in 2020)

I get it. Please ask. I will always be transparent and heart-driven.

One final note: This course will require you to 'show up' for you. If you don't think you can be fully committed to doing the work during our time together, I'd ask that you wait until a future date to take the course.

I can tell you, show you, and guide you, but if you aren't able to be fully committed, you will not get from the course what you are wanting/working toward. I don't want you to be disappointed or feel that you didn't get the full value of the course.

By purchasing this course, you are raising your hand to say, "Yes, I understand the commitment involved. I am ready to do the work. I will make it fit into my crazy schedule (somehow). I AM Ready For Change." :)

Now that we have that out of the way....

... Robin