Course Preview

Mapping Past Maybe is a course that teaches you about PROCESS and how to personalize yours— from a six-step template I created after stumbling through my own process for ten years.

It is designed to help you identify the specific skills you may need and the resources, daily practices, and mindset to obtain those skills.

The course requires time and commitment to the process for you to gain the most benefit from it. Here's what you can expect:


A quick tour of the course after enrolling reveals:

  • easy-to-navigate modules
  • videos are under 10 minutes each. This is deliberate! We're busy humans with short attention spans.
  • RESOURCES for quick reference
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - just in case what you're wondering can be answered quickly
  • Terminology - terms used in this course, a great reference tool!

Module 1: Self-Assess & Identify

In this module, you will "look in to look out." Expect it to feel insightful, painful, illuminating, and possibly slow as you begin to unravel YOU. Begin with self-assessment:

  • identify strengths, weaknesses, and reasons
  • identify learning styles and preferences
  • identify your routine
  • determine (or clarify) your WHY

Module 2: Explore

In this module, you will learn how personal learning and self-development are different from academic learning and what you need to be successful (differs from person to person).

  • develop processes, strategies, and skills that support your personal learning
  • identify the time, cost, and commitment you'll need to invest in yourself to make your goal a reality
  • begin thinking about your long-term timeline

Module 3: Discover & Clarify

In this module, you will sort through what you learned in modules 1 & 2 as you identify what's really essential and what's not and curate for your personalized plan. You will ask a lot of questions in this module as you're determining the 'best' resources for YOu.

  • curate the information you've discovered so far
  • dive deeper into the tools and strategies you discovered in Module 2

Module 4: Compose with Confidence from Clarity

In this module, you will put it all together to create a "first draft" of your Life Road Map.

  • develop your timeline with key points and needs
  • personalize your timeline for continued growth and success
  • identify resources and conditions for Next Steps

Next Steps

It's time to implement (or continue implementing) your new Map! Clarifying your journey's needs is key. Small group and 1:1 coaching are available.

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